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Killing Floor

Welcome to! A high quality fan page of the video game Killing Floor 2! Here you will find the following:

Killing Floor 2 is a cooperative multiplayer game pitting up to six players against a horde of zombies (Zeds). The gameplay functions in waves, the players earn Dosh (Money) according to the number of zombies that they eliminate and whether or not they survived the round. At the end of each wave they are given a set amount of time to use their dosh to purchase equipment and arm themselves for the impending onslaught. Teamwork is asbolutely fundamental to insure survival, players are able to choose between 8 different classes with their associated perks to help combat the undead.

Killing Floor 2 is available for the following platforms:

If you are not playing on a Playstation 4, you will need the following system specifications to successfully, and enjoyably, run the game:

System Requirements